Game Overview

Simulation/Turn Based Strategy
Targeted towards all audiences from kids to adults

High Concept
An urban conflict simulator that uses resource control and territory management to acquire citywide domination.

Once a bustling boom town, Barrioville has become the victim of a recent economic recession. Extreme city cutbacks have forced many of the police departments around the city to cease operations. As a result, the streets have developed a law system of their own. Now, the people look to an old menace to bring stability to their lives. It is a time for T.H.U.G.S.

Urban Conflict is a turn-based game with game play mechanics similar to those of the board game Risk. A player assumes control of a group of thugs. The objective of the game is to either occupy all city blocks within Barrioville or to defeat all other players' thugs.

Key Features
- Randomly generated maps (grids) guarantee that two games will never play the same.
- Turn-based game play allows for total control of friendly forces.
- Managing only three resources (money, buildings, and thugs) keeps the action simple enough for a young player, but it also keeps the play diversity complex enough for older audiences.
- An advanced interface, with multiple statistical screens, helps the player make intelligent decisions with ease.
- Advanced computer AI, supporting multiple computer players, engages the player in a small conflict or a massive battle for supremacy.
- Variable map sizes allow for quick, fast paced games, or makes longer, more dedicated campaigns possible.
- Nine different building types create a diverse world with many complex strategic options.


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Last updated March 25th, 2002.