System Requirements:

Windows 98/2000/XP OS (Windows 2000 recommended).
DirectX 8.1
Intel PIII 450 or equivalent processor
128mb RAM
2x CD ROM drive, auto-run compatible
Hardware Accelerated Open GL compatible card with 16mb of ram.
DirectX 8 compatible sound card.

The CD auto runs the Setup.exe please follow the on screen instructions.
(Once the game is installed auto run will feature play instead of install, CD is not required to play).


Main Menu:

MoveUp Up Arrow
Move Down Down Arrow
Move Left Left Arrow
Move Right Right Arrow
Select object Enter key


In Game:

Move Cursor Mouse
Select Building Left Mouse Button
Push Button Left Mouse Button
Center Screen 2 x Left Mouse Button
Toggle View Right Mouse Button
Zoom in Keyboard PlusKey
Zoom out Keyboard Minus key
Add 5 thugs Shift/ Left Mouse button
Scroll Screen Move to edge of screen
Skip Cutscene Enter Key
Exit Game Escape key


Skip Battle Enter Key



Once a bustling boom town, Barrioville has become the victim of a recent economic recession. Extreme city cutbacks have forced many of the police departments around the city to cease operations. As a result, the streets have developed a law system of their own. Now, the people look to an old menace to bring stability to their lives. It is a time for T.H.U.G.S.


How to play:
You begin with a band of 15 thugs at a remote arcade at the edge of town with a starting wealth of $90. To increase your numbers, money, and influence you must spread your thugs from building to building to cover the city, but beware there are rival thugs who will stop at nothing to control Barrioville. Your goal is to completely rid Barrioville of all of these thugs.

Movement within the game is handled on a thug-to-thug basis. Each thug is allowed to move once per turn. Movement is restricted to four directions: North, South, East, and West. Diagonal movements are not allowed. A thug can move two buildings at a time when moving within buildings that are already owned by the player. Thugs can only move one building at a time when moving into hostile or unknown territory. i.e. If the player owns both buildings directly South of the currently selected building, then a thug from this building could move to two buildings South in one turn. If the building across from the currently selected building doesn’t belong to the player, then a thug could only be moved into that building but no further. To move a thug, you select the building that the thug is currently occupying. Select the MOVE option from the building, and select the number of thugs to move, and then the target building is selected, and MOVE HERE is pressed. The buildings that are acceptable targets will be highlighted for the player to choose from. Once a thug is in transit to another building, there is no way to undo the move. Thugs take one turn to get to their destination. At least one thug must be left on a building for it to be considered occupied. If a thug is moved into a hostile building, then a battle will take place. Note: (During the battle either the attacking or defending force will be completely destroyed.)

There are ten different types of buildings within the game. Each building has two queues associated with it. The “available” queue is the number of thugs that currently occupy a building. This number represents the number of thugs that can currently move from this building to another location or to attack a rival building. The “in transit” queue represents the number of thugs moving into the building. These thugs are added to the “available” queue at the end of your current turn. The number of thugs that can occupy any given building is thirty. The sum of the “available” and “in transit” queues must always be less than or equal to the thirty.



Thrift Store – Thrift stores are where thugs go to purchase new types of “armor.” When you occupy a thrift store, your defense score automatically increases by one during battles.

Pawn Shop - Pawn shops are where thugs go to purchase new types of “weapons.” When you occupy a pawnshop, your attack score automatically increases by one during battles.

Arcade – The arcade is where you recruit new thugs. A maximum of three thugs can be purchased each round per arcade. Each thug costs $15. These new thugs are placed into the “available” queue of thugs for the arcade, and thus they can be moved on their first turn of play.

Convenience Store - Convenience stores are where thugs gain their revenues. Each convenience store you occupy at the beginning of a turn adds $40 to your total funds.

Warehouse – Empty warehouses litter the city of Barrioville. These buildings stand as fortresses in the wastes of the city. When your thugs occupy these buildings, they gain a defense bonus of one. Only the thugs in the warehouse gain the extra defense bonus.

Construction Yard – Since the recession struck the city, construction yards lay vacant throughout the city. Their open nature and abundance of spare tools gives your thugs an attack bonus of one when attacking from this building. Only the group of thugs attacking from the construction yard gains the plus one attack bonus.

Police Department – The urban decay of Barrioville has left the police force in a precarious situation. What is left of the once pride of the city amounts to little more than a ring of spies. Once you occupy a police station, you can purchase information about buildings within the city. After paying a fee of $30, you can select any building on the map they wish to see the contents. This allows you to view a building before you attack it, and gives a tactical edge when making combat decisions. If you own at least one police station you also gain general location information about all opponents.

Bank – There is one bank in the city of Barrioville, located at the very center of the city. When you occupy the bank, your revenue increases by 20%. If you own two convenience stores would normally earn $80 per turn, but the addition of a bank would earn you $96 per turn. The amount of extra profit per turn goes up depending on the number of convenience stores.

Empty Lot – There are a few empty lots in the city that you can occupy. These locations offer no extra bonuses or abilities.

Bridge – Each of the four neighborhoods in Barrioville has two bridges connected to it. These stand as choke points within the game. They offer a consolidated point of attack, but the building itself doesn’t have any bonuses attached to it. Bridges simply serve as a means to get from one neighborhood to another.



Team MC3G

Ricardo Villarreal Producer & Programmer
Mark Thrall Designer & Programmer
Jhon Restrepo Technical Director & Programmer
Nathan Feldman Product Manager & Programmer


Special Thanks

(MP3’s) Alonso Garcia Multimedios Estrellas de Oro.



If you have any questions please e-mail Ricardo Villarreal at
Last updated March 25th, 2002.