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Vektor Space is being developed by:


Mark Thrall Designer / Programmer
Jhon Restrepo Producer / Programmer
Ricardo Villarreal Lead of Technology / Programmer
Nathan Feldman Product Manager / Programmer
John Enney Lead Tester / Programmer
Steve Johnson Über Programmer
Jon Gagnon Artist
John “Hojo” Gayness Artist



Our team started on September 5th of 2001. We developed a game called T.H.U.G.S, which was chosen to participate in the Student Showcase of the Independent Game Festival at the Game Developers Conference 2002.

Designer / Programmer: Mark Thrall
Mark has one year of experience as a designer from our previous project, T.H.U.G.S. As a programmer he has written game logic and the main core of game engines. On this project his main focus will be to guarantee that the game is fun from a designer point of view. He is also responsible for making sure that the game reflects his ideas as a designer. Mark’s programming responsibilities include game logic and interface.

Producer / Programmer: Jhon Restrepo
Jhon has previous experience as a technical director in this company. He has previously worked as a producer and as a programmer for other companies. He will be in charge of managing the team’s weekly hours and, he will make sure the project’s milestones are met on schedule. As a programmer he will write the main 3d engine.

Lead of Technology / Programmer: Ricardo Villarreal
Ricardo was our producer for T.H.U.G.S. His duties as a technical director include assigning programming tasks to the other team members, and solving all technical issues that arise. As a programmer he will be in charge of sending information over the network, sound, website, installer and handling input data.

Product Manager / Programmer: Nathan Feldman
Nathan was our product manager during the production of T.H.U.G.S. His main duty as a product manager is to actively research about products against us in the market. He is also responsible for the game box, manual, and other marketing materials. As a programmer he will be in charge of our menus.

Lead Tester / Programmer: John Enney
This is John first time with the company. His duties as a lead tester will be to constantly test new game features as they are implemented. As a programmer he will be in charge of Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

Über Programmer: Steve Johnson
Steve is new to the company, but his strong back ground in mathematics makes him an invaluable addition to our team. His duties as a programmer are to develop the user interface system and to handle various graphical issues that require strong skills in mathematics (i.e. quaternion, curves and surfaces).

Artist: John “Hojo” Gayness
First time we worked with Hojo, he is taking the Art degree also in digipen. He provided us with great 3D models as well as textures, and provided many ideas for the game.

Artist: Jon Gagnon
Also first time we worked with Jon, he also provided us with some of the 3D models and textures, and our dvd box cover.



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If you have any questions please e-mail Ricardo Villarreal at rvillarr@digipen.edu

Last updated: May 3, 2003

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